Friends of the Deary Library

Meeting Schedule

The Deary Library Friends will have four regular meetings a year in February, July, October and December. Special meetings to be called as necessary in addition to the regular four meetings.


  • The Friends and others in the community assisted with the 2012 library overhang and walkway project. Thank you!
  • We held our first Book Sale during Deary Outdoor Days in 2005 to help provide for unmet needs at our Deary Library.
  • Our Annual Deary Day Book Sale continues to be the main money maker for the Friends.
  • We assist with the Summer Reading Program, providing supplies, prizes and volunteer help.
  • We continue to collect donated books, videos and other media for our next sale, items can be left at the library.
  • The front entrance was changed due to a safety issue and the Deary Library Friends incorporated a sitting bench into the design in 2014.


Anyone may join the Friends of the Deary Library, there are no dues. All library patrons or supporters of the arts and literacy are encouraged to join or donate to help us support the Friends group.

Contact Person

If you are interested in becoming a member of Deary FOL, please contact Maxine at the library by e-mail, or phone 877-1664 during library hours.

Annual Events

  • Summer - Summer Reading Program support
  • August - Deary Friendship Day, first Saturday in August


As stated in the by-laws:

  1. The mission of the group is to build a partnership between the library and the community and to advocate for quality library service for all the people served by the Deary Community Library.
  2. The purpose of the group is to maintain an association of persons interested in the library; to focus public attention in a positive manner on library services, facilities and needs; to help promote the use and enjoyment of the library; to develop supplemental funding for the library.


President / Secretary: Steleen Turner

Vice-President: Cathy Williams

Treasurer: Pat Shelton