Library Column in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News

August 27, 2016

Time Warp Tuesdays

by Jessica Bowman

Do you ever just wish there was a way that you could be a kid again? What if I told you there was a magical night that brought all your nostalgic dreams to fruition? Well, there is!

Every Tuesday night the Moscow Library hosts a program designed just for adults who simply want to play like a kid again. It’s called Time Warp Tuesday and is nearly guaranteed to de-stress you. It’s an hour(ish) of time set aside for those of us 18+ who just want to play and leave “adulting” behind.

There are coloring books, marble races, Spirographs, K’nex, Play doh, Lite Brights, fashion plates (and action figure fashion plates). Bring a friend or make one here and play Guess Who or Connect Four. Or build a rad Lego fort. Don’t feel like sharing? That’s fine. You’re an adult who can make your own decisions. There are plenty of toys for everyone.

We also make cool crafts like glitter dinosaurs.

Snackies and juice boxes are also available, in case playing makes you hungry and thirsty. If you are curious, but think it sounds kind of weird, or don’t want to come alone-- you should come anyway. It really is fun and a great way to make friends.

Visiting the library doesn’t just have to be about books and reading-- that is just the surface of what a library is. Libraries are great resources for community building and providing resources for people in all walks of life. So if you find that you are an adult who sometimes wishes that you didn’t have to adult all the time, then this is the program for you. Let the library be your source of entertainment for Tuesday nights.

This program takes place every Tuesday at 7pm and is for adults 18 and older. Come play games, eat snacks and make some new friends.


Jessica Bowman is the Adult Services Manager for the Latah County Library District.