Patron Conduct

Latah County Library District Administrative Policy. Revised March 2019.


2.6       Patron Conduct Code (Covers conduct on grounds and in library buildings)

In order that everyone who comes to our libraries may feel safe and comfortable, and have equal access to the facilities, equipment, collections, and services, the following guidelines for personal conduct are outlined.  Patrons are expected to be respectful of others by complying with these. 

In particular, the following conduct is prohibited:

  • Discharge of any projectile on library property.
  • Theft, destruction or injury to library equipment or property; or, using library equipment in a manner other than that intended by the manufacturer or Library District.
  • Engaging in behavior which is disruptive or potentially harmful to other patrons or staff including but not limited to: verbally intimidating or threatening staff or other patrons; verbally harassing staff or other patrons, or physically harassing staff or other patrons by following, staring at, or photographing them; making unreasonable noise; or engaging in loud, offensive, or boisterous behavior or talking.
  • Bringing an animal to the Library other than a service animal, or leaving an animal unattended on library property.
  • Using cellular telephones, radios or other sound-producing devices in a manner capable of being heard by staff or patrons, other than those needed to accommodate a disability (applies only in the library building).
  • Soliciting or selling items without permission.
  • Sleeping or lying down.
  • Intentional misuse of any library computer (as defined in the Internet Use Policy), or of library copiers, phones, or other equipment.
  • Running in the library, or climbing on shelves, furnishings, or outside structures in ways for which they were not designed.
  • Impeding the free movement of persons into or out of the Library.
  • Smoking in the library building or within 25 feet of building entrances.
  • Using wheeled devices such as bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, or the like inside the library building or on the entry area immediately surrounding the building other than those required to accommodate a disability.
  • Blocking access to the main entry or any exit with wheeled devices such as bicycles or strollers.
  • Consuming food or beverages other than water except at library authorized functions.
  • Having an odor which unreasonably interferes with the ability of staff or patrons to use the library.
  • Being in the library barefoot or without a shirt.
  • Washing clothes or bathing in the restrooms.
  • Gambling on library property.
  • Bringing large parcels or pieces of luggage into the library which interfere with the free passage of persons or equipment.
  • Possession of alcohol except at library authorized functions.
  • Being in the library or on library grounds while intoxicated.
  • Entering non-public areas of the building without permission.
  • Leaving a child under 8 unattended at the library.

Conduct in violation of Federal, Idaho, or local laws on LCLD property may result in loss of library privileges and will be reported to law enforcement authorities.