Internet Use

Latah County Library District Administrative Policy, Approved November 2004; Revised November 2008, March 2010, December 2011, December 2013 

2.0 GENERAL POLICIES 2.5 Internet Use Policy. The Latah County Library District provides access to electronic resources including the Internet which create increased opportunities for all our patrons to expand their resources world-wide. Access to the Internet is available without charge to anyone during all open hours. Latah County Library District does not endorse the viewpoints presented, or vouch for the accuracy of the available information from the Internet. Parents are responsible for providing guidance to their own children. The library accepts no responsibility for failures of the filter described in Administrative Policy

2.3 to block specific sites. Internet users should be aware that they are working in a public environment with people of all ages and diverse viewpoints. Access from computers at the library to any network, including the local library network and the Internet is for legal purposes only. Loss of use privileges at the library and criminal and/or civil prosecution are possible for illegal or inappropriate uses of computing resources. Examples of illegal or inappropriate uses include but are not limited to the following: 1) Attempting to bypass the security of the computers or local area network at the library. 2) Attempting to bypass the security of any other computer or network including the Internet. 3) Attempting to intentionally introduce a "virus" or similar piece of code that may do damage to any data, computer, or networking device. 4) Attempting to alter or damage any software, operating systems, or configuration files. 5) Attempting to use unauthorized computer accounts, access codes, or network numbers. 6) Viewing illegal materials including obscenity and child pornography. Pursuant to provisions of Idaho Code, it is unlawful to knowingly make available to a person under 18 years of age images depicting nudity, sexual conduct, sado-masochistic abuse or other material which is harmful to minors. All public areas of the library, including all public computer terminals, are open and available for use by minors. 7) Violations of another user’s privacy. 8) Violations of copyright or other laws. Library information technology resources may not be used to harass, abuse, or threaten another person. The Latah County Library District attempts to maintain patron confidentiality at all times involving the patron’s individual legal use of electronic resources and services offered by the library but cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent by a patron onto the Internet. The library assumes neither responsibility nor liability for any loss or damage incurred by anyone using the library’s computing resources, including any loss or harm incurred by a patron arising out of or associated with giving or receiving personal or financial information across the library’s network and the Internet. All publicly accessible computers in the LCLD are filtered per requirements of the e-rate reimbursement program. Procedures are in place should an adult patron express a need to access a blocked site.