Purchase Suggestions and Interlibrary Loan

Want Something not available through the Valnet catalog?

We welcome your purchase suggestions though we may not buy every request. Please check the Valnet catalog to see if the item is available before you submit your request.

Requested books not purchased are sent to our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) staff, who will check if the item is available to borrow from another U.S. library outside Valnet. There is usually no cost for borrowed ILL materials. Only books are available to borrow through ILL. Please read the ILL Service rules before requesting an interlibrary loan.

Once your purchase suggestion/ILL request has been seen by a collection librarian, you can follow the status of your request when you log in to your Valnet account (“Your purchase suggestions”). We can only honor two requests per month, from Latah County residents.

When requesting items in a series, such as a TV show, please note that each item must be requested individually or the request will be declined.