Meet the Library Hamster

The Library’s Unofficial Mascot

Hamster was left behind at the Moscow Public Library. After many lonely days atop the circulation desk, the staff claimed him as their own. He’s a voracious reader and hat aficionado. Hamster now fills his days promoting the Latah County libraries via rotating dioramas in the Moscow Library created by his handler, Jackie, and occasional social media posts.

Hamster Likes:

  • Long walks through the library
  • sunflower seeds
  • sweaters
  • ketchup
  • hats!
  • reading a good book by a cozy fire


  • Cats
  • People who mistreat library books

Hobbies include:

Gardening, reading, baking, painting, knitting, traveling & visiting libraries around the world.  Very fond of the works of Douglas Adams and Herman Melville. but his favorite book of all time is The Hobbit.

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