Accessibility at the Libraries

According to the American Library Association, an accessible resource is one that can be operated in a variety of ways and does not rely on a single sense or ability of the user. Following these guidelines, the Latah County Library District has added several technologies and resources that help to make data and information understandable to all, including blind, colorblind, and low vision users, users with limited mobility, and users who are hard of hearing.

Our Website

While building our website, we’ve taken care to build in several accessibility features. From any webpage, users can now toggle on a high contrast or large print mode to increase the visibility of all text while using a desktop computer. Additionally, website links have been created to be easily understood and readable by any screen reader or link listing technology.

For users with low mobility, our website can be easily navigated by utilizing keyboard controls. The Tab button on your keyboard will cycle through all live links on a webpage as well as all menus.

Please contact us if you have difficulty with the website or if a feature is missing.

Assistive Technology in the Library

We have several assistive technologies available for in-library use that grant blind, colorblind, or low vision users greater access to library resources.

Illuminated Magnifier
Every branch of the Latah County Library District has analog illuminated magnifiers for in-house use. Ever since Roger Bacon described the properties of a magnifying glass in 13th-century England, followed by the development of eyeglasses in 13th-century Italy, the humble hand-held magnifying glass is perhaps the simplest and most common form of assistance for the sight-impaired. For assistance, please ask at the front desk.

Illuminated Magnifier
Large Print Keyboard

Large Print Keyboards
Large print, high contrast keyboards are available at all seven branches of the Latah County Library District. These keyboards are designed to help visually impaired patrons with any computing needs, and can be connected to all library computers. These keyboards are available for use in the library during all open hours. For assistance, please ask at the front desk.

Humanware Digital Magnifier
A Humanware HD digital magnifier is available by request at the Moscow Public Library. This digital magnifier is a 12 inch tablet on a compact, foldable stand that offers users high-definition magnification up to 24x, adjustable brightness, and read-aloud capabilities. An additional distance camera is also available by request. This distance camera allows users to see presentations and speakers from across the room on the Humanware digital magnifier. For assistance, please ask at the Moscow front desk.

Humanware Magnifier
Intellikeys Keyboard

Intellikeys Keyboard & Software
The Intellikeys is a programmable alternative keyboard that plugs into any computer running Windows. It enables students with physical, visual or cognitive disabilities to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays and move the mouse. It has built-in features that allow even those with some of the most severe physical difficulties to use it. All Moscow Patron PCs run the Intellikeys software. For assistance, please ask at the Moscow front desk.

SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier
The SuperEar Model SE5000 PSA is a Personal Sound Amplifier that is helpful when attending gatherings, meetings, and presentations. For assistance, please ask at the Moscow front desk.

Idaho Talking Books

The Idaho Talking Book Service (TBS)
Idaho Talking Books is an audiobook library service that is convenient and available at no cost to any Idaho resident who is blind, has a perceptual or reading disability, or is unable to read standard print due to a visual impairment or physical disability. The TBS materials are delivered directly to the user’s residence by the USPS and/or may be downloaded to a computer or device. There are more than 100,000 titles in the collection in a wide variety of genres. There is also a selection of locally recorded books and magazines about Idaho and the Northwest. For more information, call 800-458-3271 or visit

Library Materials and Services

The Latah County Library District offers a variety of materials and services to make reading and information more accessible to all.

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Community Resources

Idaho Assistive Technology Project

Disability Action Center NW

Online Resources

For users who are visually impaired:
Most modern browsers have zoom and contrast options built into them and many also have add-ons available for screen readers. The American Foundation for the Blind has a list of browser based accessibility features.

Computer based screen reading software is also available to … NVDA Screen Reader for Windows is a free and open source option. 

Many modern cell phones, including Android and Apple devices, include built-in screen readers. The American Foundation for the Blind has a guide on how to operate your Android device using the TalkBalk Android Screen Reader.

For users who are hard of hearing:
Modern browsers and iPhones support Live Captions. Live captions helps everyone, including people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, better understand audio by providing automatic transcription.