Library Computer & Library Wi-Fi

Internet Use Policy

Use of Library computers and internet is subject to our Internet Use Policy.

Please refer to the policy if you have any questions.

Using a Computer

Any Valnet resident must have a valid library card to use our computers. Visit our Open a Library Card page to find out how to open a new card.

Guest Passes

Non-Valnet residents may get one guest pass a day with a valid photo ID.

Public WiFi

The Latah County Library District offers free 24 hour Wi-Fi at all of our branches. Range of Wi-Fi outside of the buildings may vary.

Select the network for your branch, such as “Moscow Library Wireless” and once you’ve connected, open your browser and navigate to to read and accept the internet terms of use.

Time Limits

Time limits are currently set to 60 minutes per day.

Extending Sessions

Extensions may be granted at the discretion of library staff.