Election Information

Voting Information

May 17 is the Idaho Primary Election!

The primary election in Idaho selects the nominees from each recognized political party who will go on to the general election in November. Voters are restricted to only voting for candidates within their registered party—what’s known as a closed primary system. You can find more information about the Idaho primary elections on VoteIdaho.gov.

Register to Vote or Update Your Voter Information

VoteIdaho.gov is Idaho’s official online voter resource where voters can register and verify their voter information, find local polling stations, and view video tutorials about the voting process. You can use VoteIdaho.gov to check your voter record and find your local polling location.

LatahCountyID.gov also has voter registration information in addition to sample ballots and financial disclosures for local candidates.

Learn About Your Local Candidates

Vote411.org compiles free, non-partisan information about local elections for all 50 states. Use it to find how to register to vote in your area, verify your registration, and find out more about what’s on your ballot.

Idaho Statesman puts out a voter guide for each primary and general election, with information about candidates and measures expected to be on your local ballot.

Ballotpedia.org has further information about positions and measures that will be voted on in local and national elections.

If you need help accessing any of these online resources, be sure to visit a branch of the library and a staff member will be able to assist you.