The Saturday edition of the Moscow Pullman Daily News carries a regular column contributed by one of these five area libraries: Latah County Library District; Neill Public Library; University of Idaho; Whitman County Library District; and Washington State University Libraries. We reprint the most recent columns here, with permission.

Great week for reading will last all November


By Brittany Griffin

What is Idaho Family Reading Week? Each November the Idaho Commission for Libraries emphasizes the importance of daily family/caregiver reading time and its support of early childhood literacy. It helps connect families and caregivers of young children with the early literacy resources their local public and school libraries have available to help them prepare their children for school success. It helps every family or caregiver obtain a public library card and visit a public or school library. The Latah County Library District is observing Family Reading “Week” all through November.

Reading to children not only improves their concentration, develops their vocabulary and language skills, and teaches them more about the world around them, it is a great way to settle in and relax their bodies and minds. The benefits don’t stop at children. Parents and caregivers can also gain from daily reading. When we read, our brains are actually exercising. It is proven that reading, a much more complex task than watching TV, can strengthen and even create new connections in our brains. So a bonus for all involved. Finding fun and engaging books for your whole family can be overwhelming. We at the Latah County libraries can be a huge help in this department. Our staff can guide you along the way to get you started in your reading adventures.

We have some great tips and resources available on our website. Head over to the Digital Resources page at to access ABC Mouse for your early learner, or DayByDayID to watch one of their storytimes and pick up learning tips. While you’re on our website, log into your account and put a family fun “Itty Bitty Brain Box” on hold. These boxes come in many themes and have activities and books that correspond to the theme. They are no-brainers for parents, and kids of all ages will enjoy working on one of the many busy activities while their adult reads to them.

If you live in Latah County and don’t have a library card you are missing out. Not only are we a district library system, seven libraries in total, we are also connected to the Valnet library consortium. This means that we can pull items from dozens of different libraries and have those materials sent directly to your home branch, at no charge. No charge for shipping items around, and no charge for your very own library card.

Along with free library cards the Latah County Library system has books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, Blu-rays, downloadable materials and much more to borrow. We have something for everyone ages 0-100+. Each branch is unique in what they currently have and stopping in every week is never a bad idea to see what new and fresh items are popping up. And November is a great month to start checking for those super fun fall- themed books all the kids will love to snuggle in and read.

Bovill & Deary Branch Manager